Paper Wings - Log #1

To allow you to catch up with the current stage of the development, I will provide a bit of info about Paper Wings in a series of posts.


Paper Wings is an arcade game, in which the goal is to guide your origami bird to score as much as possible by catching/avoiding colored balls that fall from the sky. That is really all there is to it. It is designed to be a mindless fun that will hopefully urge you to pick up your phone every once in a while to play a couple of rounds.



Of course, there are various challenges and unlockables in the game. But they never interfere with your main goal. As you rack up certain amount of points, you eventually advance through the stages. In each stage, new challenges are introduced to make the game harder and more fun. These balls you see below, are the four main types of balls you encounter during the game.

This is the most common one. Catching the yellow ball is mandatory to survive. If the yellow ball falls off the screen, game is over. It is also possible to boost your points by performing a combo with these balls.

You have to avoid this one. It immediately obliterates your bird when it touches it. There is also a guided version of this ball, which is even more deadly. It is introduced in the later stages of the game.

Black ball is another challenge that you have to overcome. It basically is a time bomb. Once you see it, you have two options: You can either fly as far as you can to be avoid its blast radius, or you can fly to it directly to catch and defuse it.

White is the color of all power-ups in the game. They are your only friends. Once you see them pop-up, it is a very good idea to do anything you can to catch them before they vanish away. I'll write more about power-ups on a later post.