Paper Wings


I decided to keep a dev blog for my upcoming game Paper Wings

I like to describe the game as a mindless arcade about collecting colored balls with an origami bird. The game is actually nearing the end of production. I made this late choice to keep a blog, because people suggested it and I just came to the realization of how helpful the feedback from other players and developers can be. I realized this, after posting a short GIF of the gameplay of Paper Wings to Unity3D subreddit in Reddit. Below is the GIF I'm talking about.

The submission was received with great kindness and enthusiasm, which felt so great after committing countless hours into the development of this game. The community was very straightforward about calling the flaws they saw regarding the design too. For instance, many people criticized the use of intense screen shake. They argued that it becomes disturbing and distracting while performing a combo. It was an eye-opener for me. When you are working alone and spending a good amount of time on any medium that can be considered as art, you sometimes lose your ability to make objective observations and you begin to live inside your head. The screen shake issue didn't occur to me at all, for example. The thread was very helpful and I will definitely work on reducing the effect.

People who saw the GIF were actually excited to play Paper Wings and they wanted to take part in the beta. They were also interested in following a blog that kept them updated about the progress of the game, which is part of the reason why I'm doing this thing right now. I am planning on releasing the game to open beta (on Android) very soon.